Jennifer out with friends in Montreal

Jennifer was spotted in Montreal, Canada, while she was arriving at the restaurant with her friends on Saturday, June 6. You can see 19 photos in high quality in our gallery. I’ve also added two photos taken inside the restaurant.

Candids (2013) ? in Montreal, arriving at the restaurant, July 6 [link]
Candids (2013) ? in Montreal, at the restaurant, July 6 [link]

To be honest, Jennifer doesn’t looked pleased. She must have been annoyed by the paps… Well, we all know that she doesn’t like them. When I see pictures of sad and upset Jen I’m not sure if posting condid photos here is a good thing… And what do you think? Should I still post candids here?

If you want to see smiling?Jen check out the newest picture of her and one lucky fan (he met her twice in a week – for the first time at the airport, July 2 and second time at the restaurant, July 6!). I’ve also updated gallery in older photos of Jen and her fans. Check it out!

Miscellaneous Photography ? With Fans [link]