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HG: Catching Fire – New Victor’s Poster!

This morning, Lionsgate launched the?VICTORS BANNER?reveal campaign on?THE HUNGER GAMES EXPLORER.?The banner currently includes Victors KATNISS EVERDEEN (Jennifer Lawrence) and PEETA MELLARK (Josh Hutcherson), along with a countdown clock to the next reveal.

The film?s Twitter and Facebook account?s will be revealing new victors from each of the Hunger Games districts throughout the week to be displayed on the poster! We can?t wait to see all the competitors on the poster.

Fans are encouraged to tweet their guess of who will appear next with the hashtag #VictorsRevealed.

Filmography: Movies & TV Shows???The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), Posters?(x01) [LINK]

Take a look at your favorite victors from District 12 now, at THE HUNGER GAMES EXPLORER.

Is your favorite Victor next? Stay tuned to?THE HUNGER GAMES EXPLORER?to find out!

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