On vacation with Amy Schumer

Last week Amy Schumer, an American stand-up comedian, posted on Instagram, photos of of her and Jennifer Lawrence hanging out and riding a jet ski together. On Monday?s edition of The Daily Show, Schumer explained how the moment came to pass.

?Once a year, I go away with all my girlfriends from high school,? Schumer told host Jon Stewart. The Trainwreck star said this year?s trip was in the Hamptons, and that she called Lawrence to see if she wanted to be a part of the fun. ?I was like, ?Oh, we?re going on a boat tomorrow. You should come.? It was kind of a hypothetical,? Schumer recalled. ?And she was like, ?I think I?m coming.??

Lawrence did, and the rest is photographic history. Not that Schumer was too pleased. ?It was a complete viral thing,? Schumer said, while showing photos from the trip that didn?t make it online. ?It?s my picture next to Jennifer Lawrence. It?s the last person you want to be next too. [?] In all the pictures, I look like her coach.?

You can find photos from Jennifer’s vacation in our gallery.

Candid Photos ? June/August, 2015 – On vacation with Amy Schumer [link]