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Jennifer Lawrence joins Billy Joel at Wrigley Field concert [MASTERPOST!]

Jennifer Lawrence and her pal Amy Shumer danced on Joel’s piano during his concert, according to video from the show, as he performed his classic song, which is featured prominently in Schumer?s film ?Trainwreck.”

?Inside Amy Schumer? writer Kyle Dunnigan posted video on Instagram of Schumer and Lawrence rehearsing with Joel earlier in the day. ?Rehearsals a little rough,? wrote Dunnigan, who also posted a group photo that included the two actresses with the caption ?Get ready for a bunch of billy joel photos. Me amy schumer and jennifer lawrence are going on stage tonight.?

(Dunnigan has since deleted both the video and photo, for some reason.)

Miscellaneous Photography ? Billy Joel concert in Chicago (Rehearsals) – August 27, 2015 [link]

Later that day, Jen and Amy appeared on stage during Billy Joel’s performance of ‘Uptown Girl’, where they shimmied around to the song, which features in Amy’s movie ‘Trainwreck.’

At one stage Jennifer was even seen kissing Amy’s bare feet as the comedian climbed on to the piano (watch video below).

Miscellaneous Photography ? Billy Joel concert in Chicago (On Stage) – August 27, 2015 [link]

EDIT: I’ve added HQ photos of Jen on stage and backstage durring Billy Joel concert. Enjoy!

Press Appearances ? Billy Joel concert in Chicago (On Stage) – August 27, 2015 [link]

Press Appearances ? Billy Joel concert in Chicago (Backstage) – August 27, 2015 [link]

Jennifer’s 25th Birthday Party

Jennifer turned 25 last week. At the Friday August 21st she had her birthday party. I’m sure she had a blast with her friends and family. Thanks to actress Sarah Ramos and Kris Jenner on Instagram I’ve added two photos taken at the party. Swipe through our gallery to see them.

Miscellaneous Photography ? Jennifer’s 25th Birthday Party – August 21, 2015 [link]

I am the Lupita Nyong'o's brother of this pic

Zdj?cie zamieszczone przez u?ytkownika @saraheramos

On vacation with Amy Schumer

Last week Amy Schumer, an American stand-up comedian, posted on Instagram, photos of of her and Jennifer Lawrence hanging out and riding a jet ski together. On Monday?s edition of The Daily Show, Schumer explained how the moment came to pass.

?Once a year, I go away with all my girlfriends from high school,? Schumer told host Jon Stewart. The Trainwreck star said this year?s trip was in the Hamptons, and that she called Lawrence to see if she wanted to be a part of the fun. ?I was like, ?Oh, we?re going on a boat tomorrow. You should come.? It was kind of a hypothetical,? Schumer recalled. ?And she was like, ?I think I?m coming.??

Lawrence did, and the rest is photographic history. Not that Schumer was too pleased. ?It was a complete viral thing,? Schumer said, while showing photos from the trip that didn?t make it online. ?It?s my picture next to Jennifer Lawrence. It?s the last person you want to be next too. [?] In all the pictures, I look like her coach.?

You can find photos from Jennifer’s vacation in our gallery.

Candid Photos ? June/August, 2015 – On vacation with Amy Schumer [link]