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Gallery update: photo shoots and personal photos

I’ve updated gallery in some new/old photos of Jen. I’ve also replaced some photos with pictures in better quality. Which one? You can check below! Be sure to check out the gallery, because there are some rare shots of teenage Jennifer!

Photo Shoots (Earlier years & unknown) ? Headshots, photographed by Deidhra Fahey (+05) [link]

Photo Shoots (2008) ? Session 3, photographed by Mark Segal (+08) [link]

Photo Shoots (Earlier years & unknown) ? Session 1, photographed by Chris Kaufman (04 now in HQ) [link]
Photo Shoots (Earlier years & unknown) ? Session 2, photographed by Chris Kaufman (04 now in HQ) [link]
Photo Shoots (Earlier years & unknown) ? Session 4, photographed by Chris Kaufman (03 now in HQ + 03 new) [link]
Photo Shoots (2011) ? Session 4, photographed by Graemw Mitchell (+02) [link]

Commercials/Advertising Campaigns ? Miss Dior Printed Ads (+01) [link]
Commercials/Advertising Campaigns ? Promotional Photos (now in UHQ) [link]

Miscellaneous Photography ? Personal photos (+62) [link]

UPDATE: Personal photos

I’ve added to the gallery over one hundred personal photos of Jennifer. Check out the gallery for some rare photos of Jennifer as a kid, with her friends and family,?as well as for some selfies ;-)

Miscellaneous Photography ? Personal Photos, last additions [link]

I’ve also added one photo taken on Thursday, when Jen with Nicholas Hoult?and other friends were spending time on a boat in Montreal. Moreover, I’ve updated album with this year’s photoshoot for Time Magazine. Be sure to check our gallery!

Miscellaneous Photography ? Jennifer on a boat in Montreal, June 25, 2013 [link]
Photo Shoots (2013) ? Time, photographed by Mark Seliger [link]