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Jennifer for Marie Claire – article and photoshoot! has just posted a sneak peak of its July issue. See all the beautiful photos of Jennifer from the Marie Claire cover shoot in our photo gallery and read excerpts of the interview below. Marie Claire’s May issue hits newsstands on June 9th. What do you think about that new shoot? :)

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She may be only 20, but Jennifer Lawrence already has an Oscar nomination, a lead role in X-Men: First Class – and now a Marie Claire cover under her belt. Looking positively ethereal in powder blue Dior, the hottest new actress in Hollywood let us in on standing up to directors, and an unexpected London romance…

Just 10 minutes in Jennifer Lawrence’s company and it’s clear this is no run-of-the-mill Hollywood ing?nue. Part Renee Zellweger, part Jodie Foster, part Tina Fey, there’s something special about her. Pretty as a picture, the starlet struck a pose in flowing nude Rochas gown, with Detail and Alex Monroe gold jewellery.

‘Oscar season was surreal and bizarre,’ Jennifer – smouldering in a sweeping D&G dress – recalls of earning herself a nomination for movie Winter’s Bone at the 2010 ceremony. ‘It’s the biggest thing that can happen to an actress and then it’s also… they call your name on the news at 5 o’clock in the morning and it’s not your life any more.’ ‘The Oscars itself was the most fun but all those shows leading up to it had so much stress,’ our stunning Dior-clad cover star explains. ‘Like this dress and that dress… I felt like a politician on a campaign trail.’

There’s nothing manufactured of affected about Jen. What’s more, in contrast to many actresses in her age bracket, she’s unafraid of speaking her mind. Mention the Calvin Klein custom-made gown she wore to the Oscars and she’s more interested in discussing the size zero debate and the demands of her industry.

‘I understand I’m an actress and I have a job and I have to be in a certain shape, and I’m fine with that. But I do want the stick-thin trend to end,’ Jen, dressed in shimmering Donna Karen, explained. ‘I like eating so I didn’t really diet during the Oscars. In fact I needed to go on a diet afterwards!’

‘I’ve always had the same mentality,’ Jen in a figure hugging Dolce and Gabanna bodysuit reveals of her acting career – which includes roles in Burning Pain, Winter’s Bone, and more recently, X Men: First Class and The Beaver. ‘If I have to give a mall part of myself to make a role a little better, then I’ll just do comedies. Because it’s not worth it.’

On her love life, Jen (reportedly dating X Men co-star Nicholas Hoult) remains decidedly coy. ‘No I’m not single,’ she replies to our question after a silence and a faint smile.

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Jennifer Lawrence celebrity reporting expert?

MTV News‘ own Josh Horowitz is an old pro at interviewing celebs… or is he?! Not according to Jennifer Lawrence, who crashed the private office of our go-to on-camera personality and made him into her own personal object of torture makeover project. Just in time for the MTV Movie Awards, of course.

“Walk with me,” Jennifer commands, before blasting Josh in the face with bronzer (“Television audiences only trust people with natural phosphorescent orangey bronze skin. Trust me!”) and then destroying his spectacles with a single stomp.

“I can’t see without them!” Josh protests, but Jennifer’s not having it.

“Mario Lopez is legally blind and that’s never stopped him!” she shouts. “Glasses OFF!”

And it doesn’t end there. Whisking our slightly sandblasted-looking reporter into a pair of studio chairs, Jennifer demands that he interview her… no, wait! Not that way!

“Entertainment reporters ask hard-hitting questions. Who are you dating! What are you wearing! GO!” she demands. (But only so that she can follow by protesting: “I don’t want to talk about my personal life!”)

We’re not sure whether this slap-dash info session improved Josh’s celeb-questioning game (or, um, his skin tone), but hey, whatever Jennifer Lawrence wants, Jennifer Lawrence gets.

Jennifer & Rose Byrne interview for ?X-Men: First Class?.

( Matthew Vaughn?s bright, bold and thrill-packed ?X-Men: First Class? charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga, and reveals a secret history of famous global events. Before mutants had revealed themselves to the world, and before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Not archenemies, they were instead at first the closest of friends, working together with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop Armageddon. In the process, a grave rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto?s Brotherhood and Professor X?s X-Men. Check out what Rose Byrne (CIA agent Moira MacTaggert) and Jennifer Lawrence (Raven Darkholme/Mystique) had to say about the film below. ?X-Men: First Class? is in cinemas everywhere now.

What themes interested you in this film?
Rose Byrne: I think it?s that universal theme of being in the minority, whether if it?s because of your religion, sexuality, ethnicity, whatever it is. I think it?s a really powerful metaphor for that, but done in a really fun and entertaining way. I love the notion of being able to show your true self as a mutant. Raven?s whole inner turmoil about how far she can go being blue, how far Hank can go being Beast, that idea I really love. Everyone goes through that I think, how much of your true self do you show to the world without feeling insecure, you don?t have to be a mutant to relate to that (laughs).

That?s a big part of your character, Raven?s feelings with being a mutant.

Jennifer Lawrence: Yeah, I think she goes through, like any insecure teenager would with any secret, I think she?s learned to live with it, because she?s had to, but she hasn?t really owned it yet. She?s mostly ashamed of it. What I like about the movie is that she slowly starts to realise that it is a blessing and that she should be proud of it. Slowly she grows into it and starts to really be proud of it.

What themes interested you Jennifer?
Jennifer Lawrence: The fact that everybody evolves in the film. That?s one of my favourite things in movies and every script I read ? how characters evolve, how a specific character evolves, or how a story evolves. Each character goes through a huge evolution period in this film. At the beginning a lot of us are isolated, we felt all alone, then all of a sudden being really together, joining together and becoming these really iconic figures of X-Men, then that separates. It?s fascinating, people choosing sides but you get to see why.

Your character has a great relationship with the mutants and especially Charles Xavier.
Rose Byrne: The films set in 1962 so female operatives in the field for the CIA were very very new, it?s a huge deal for her to be there on this job. She?s a very tenacious, ambitious, driven and a little uptight (laughs). I think she?s the audiences eyes in that sense of discovering this whole new world. She?s like the audience, she?s not a mutant, but she?s a pioneer in a way, she believes mutants can help, co-exist and live in this harmonious society, she?s with Charles on that. She truly believes they can live side by side, and benefit from one another, that?s a wonderful quality to have.

I think she admires him because of his mind, he?s brilliant, this genetic expert?and also she needs his help. And then I think he slowly wins her over with the things he does to help her, but also his charm and his big blue eyes (laughs), it?s James McAvoy! Really they are united in a cause, that?s the other huge part of their relationship, they?re on the same page, they want the same thing, she truly believes what he believes.

Raven also has a very interesting and complex relationship with Charles.
Jennifer Lawrence: Yeah, she has kind of convoluted feelings with him. He?s really the only man in her life, she loves him and they?re like brother and sister but at the same time I think there?s a tiny tiny bit of a crush, so there?s probably a little bit of jealousy. They?re best friends, she gets a little protective and jealous.

Video: Jennifer Lawrence hates bad boys and thinks Nicholas Hoult is hot.

( Jennifer Lawrence could pretty much get any guy she wants ? girl?s gorgeous, come on ? but when it comes to dating, she?s so not a fan of bad boys. She likes the ?nice and the sweet? and it?s no surprise there, since that?s the kinda guy she falls for in her new movie, X-Men: First Class. But then again, we?d prob fall head over heels for Nicholas Hoult, too?

And speaking of X-Men, find out what J. Law told us about which of her co-stars is Angry Birds obsessed, which she?s still BFFs with now, and which is so hot she continuously fumbled her lines in front of him! Watch the vid!

Washington Post: Jen speaks about James McAvoy, changes in her life & preparations for 1C and THG.

I really encourage you to read that interesting Washington Post interview. Jennifer speaks to Jen Chaney about her friendship with James McAvoy, preparing to play Mystique, how her life was changing during past year, The Hunger Games and what she does in her free time.

?I?m at the Jimmy Fallon dressing room. I was just saying good-bye to my entourage.?

Jennifer Lawrence is on the phone, explaining why there is so much commotion in the background as we attempt to begin a brief interview. She says the word entourage in a way that implies air quotes; Lawrence, 20, doesn?t seem like the type to take the concept of Hollywood posses seriously. But at the least, she should probably get used to the commotion. That?s because in the past year, this Louisville, Ky. native, has quickly rocketed from under-the-radar indie actress to movie industry It Girl.

First she earned an Academy Award nomination for her turn as a steely teen in ?Winter?s Bone.? Then she took on the role of young shape-shifter Mystique (non-mutant name: Raven Darkholme) in ?X-Men: First Class,? her first attempt at blockbuster fare, which arrives in theaters Friday. And now Lawrence is playing her buzziest role to date: the teen warrior Katniss Everdeen in the adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic young-adult book series ?The Hunger Games,? which is currently shooting in Wilmington, N.C.

?The Hunger Games? fan fervor has made her the subject of intense Internet chatter and also recently landed her on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. So how is Lawrence handling all of the sudden attention? During a conversation briefly interrupted by the lack of cell reception in a parking garage, we talked about that, as well as her transformation into Mystique and how she and ?X-Men? co-star James McAvoy bonded on-set. (Apparently that involved making fart noises.)

Was it strange to go from doing movies like ?Winter?s Bone? to an ?X-Men? flick? Or is there ultimately little difference between making an indie vs. a comic-book film?

Jennifer Lawrence: It?s all filmmaking. The behind the scenes is always different: you have a bigger trailer, there?s better food. Things like that. I still do the movies for the same reasons. I still love the script, I love the director, I love the character and the other actors involved. So all of the reasons why I was there, they were all the same. It?s kind of like camping versus going to a resort. They?re both fun, they?re just different kinds of fun.

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