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?Serena? To Premiere at BFI on October!

Hello everyone! We confirmed that the release date for Serena will not change! It was announced that the film will be screened at BFI Film Festival which takes place in London in October. The screenings will be on 13 and 17 October.

Three bold, distinctive films in as many years (including A Second Chance, also screening in LFF 2014) is a considerable feat for any director, made even more impressive given Serena features two of the planet?s biggest stars in Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and an ambitious, scaled-up production that offers lush period detail of depression-era America. Based on Ron Rash?s North Carolina-set novel about logging magnate George Pemberton (Cooper) and his ruthless, brilliant wife Serena (Lawrence), the ?perfect? couple?s master plans come unstuck when they discover she can?t bear children and that George previously fathered a child out of wedlock. With a strong supporting cast of Brits (Toby Jones, Sean Harris and a villainous Rhys Ifans), this is an enjoyably traditional, extravagant melodrama of bitter jealousy, murder and cold, unforgiving ambition. Lawrence in particular is a treat, playing Serena with an evil eye Bette Davis might have envied.

Anne Thompson interviews Jennifer Lawrence: The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook

In the latest interview, Anne Thompson talks to Jennifer Lawrence about ‘The Hunger Games’ — her character Katniss Everdeen who is a role model for women around the world, an athletic aspect of working on The Hunger Games movie, she also compares working with Gary Ross (“The Hunger Games”) and Fracis Lawrence (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”). In the video, Jennifer also talks working with Bradley Cooper twice (on ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and ‘Serena’), Jodie Foster, as well as auditioning for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ via Skype, confidence and never preparing for her roles (repeating lines), among other things. A definitely MUST SEE!

Bradley Cooper on working with Jen: ?She’s incredible. I?ll be lucky if I work with her again.”

CNN has recently caught up with Bradley Cooper, the star of this weekend’s “The Words,” at the film’s premiere on Tuesday, and the 37-year-old actor couldn’t stop complimenting Jennifer.

?She is incredible.? he said. ?I?ve been so lucky to do two movies with her back-to-back. … She?s the best. I feel like I got in on the ground floor. I?ll be lucky if I work with her again.?

Bradley Cooper stars in two films opposite Jennifer — “Serena” which is going to be released in 2013, and “Silver Linings Playbook” which has its premiere TOMORROW at Toronto International Film Festival. Jen, Bradley Cooper, and Robert DeNiro are expected to attend the festival to promote the movie. I can’t wait to see photos from the event, and I’m dying to know critics’ reviews, and you?

New photos from Prague on the set of “Serena”

I’ve just added to the photo gallery new photos from yesterday when Jennifer Lawrence was photographed in Prague, on the set of “Serena”. Check them out! ;-)

Movies — On The Set of “Serena” in Prague, May 21

New Jennifer Lawrence’s photos on the set of ‘Serena’ in Czech Republic, 04/20

Hello folks, I have for you 3 new Jennifer Lawrence’s photos which were taken on the set of ‘Serena’ on April 20th. I don’t know how I could have not added it earlier, but I’m redressing it quickly! :-) For the pics, I’d like to thank our parter site,

Movies — on the set of ‘Serena’, 04/20

There is nothing new, that’s why I don’t update the site very often. In the meantime I’m working on an anniversary layout. Do you know that we celebrate our 1st anniversary on Thursday? :)

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