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TotalFilm scans – “There?s blood, death, stabbing, spears and arrows going into people”

As you may know, Jennifer Lawrence is the Total Film cover star this month. She did the interview with the magazine and talked on how she became involved with the movie adaptation, the reluctance of leading such a potentially blockbusting franchise as well as The Hunger Games obviously. The scans have already landed in our photo gallery, so enjoy! :-) I’d like to thank for the pics!

Magazine Scans — Total Film, March 2012

On how she became involved with the movie adaptation: ?My mom has a terrible habit of reading books, telling me to read them and then me doing the movie ? she did the same with Winter?s Bone.?

On the reluctance of leading such a potentially blockbusting franchise: ?I would love to be Katniss for years? it was more the fear of how my own life could change.

On The Hunger Games: ?There?s blood, death, stabbing, spears and arrows going into people, but you can have the impact of violence without being gory.?

Watch brand new The Hunger Games TV spot that features new footage

Thanks to we can see another The Hunger Games trailer that aired during the Survivor premiere last night. Short TV spot features new footage from the film! Unfortunately I have only low-quality video, but as soon as I get HD version, I’ll let you know. ;-)

New extended The Hunger Games trailer at Grammy Awards – video

Yesterday, as you probably know, took place the most anticipated event in music – Grammy Awards. A part of the second theatrical The Hunger Games trailer aired during the show and you can see it below. It’s very similar to the previous one.

Thanks for the tip, Monika! :)

New ‘The Hunger Games’ still and some details on movie premiere

IGN has recently premiered another ‘The Hunger Games’ still. This time we can catch a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence as the main character — Katniss Everdeen in her training suit. I added it to the photo gallery, so you can check it out in high quality! ;-)

What’s more, Lionsgate announced that the red carpet premiere of The Hunger Games will take place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, on March 12, 2012! As you may know, 4 days later, March 16 Hunger Games trio is arriving at the movie premiere in Berlin, Germany. How awesome is that?

And in case you haven’t seen them yethere are the videos of MTV News’ interview with Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.