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Elizabeth Banks couldn’t cope with Jennifer Lawrence’s fame

Elizabeth Banks?doesn’t know how?Jennifer Lawrence?copes with fame.

The ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ actress doesn’t think she gets recognised?in real lifebecause she looks so different ”on screen”, and admitted she feels sorry for her 23-year-old co-star.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper’s You magazine: ”I have a little less heat on me because I am so recognisable on screen, thank goodness.

”I can’t imagine what it’s like for?Jennifer Lawrence?every day. Being that young, I just don’t know how she copes with all the attention.”

While her co-star has shot to fame at a young age Elizabeth, 39, is grateful for her own ”slow and steady” rise to the top.

She explained: ”I have had ‘moments’ before, but they haven’t changed my life dramatically.

”I am very much a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kind of person.”

Jennifer has spoke about dealing with fame in the past, and insisted she has constantly made sure she’s stayed grounded.

She previously said: ”I act like an old woman; I’m in bed by 11pm at the latest.

”I prefer that to hanging around Hollywood parties at night … I still?live?in the same three-bedroom apartment I had when I?moved?to LA six years ago.

”I still look for bargains in the supermarket. When I go somewhere these days I let a?valet park?my car. That costs $6!”


Liam Hemsworth on Jennifer Lawrence’s Success: “Nothing Has Gone to Her Head”

Superstardom hasn’t given?Jennifer Lawrence?an ego!

The 22-year-old Oscar winner’s?Catching Fire?costar?Liam Hemsworth?told?Good Morning America?Monday that “nothing has gone to her hear over the last few years.”

And did she gloat when she?nabbed the Academy Award?for best actress for her role in?Silver Linings Playbook???Of course not! Liam, 23, said “you wouldn’t even know” she’d taken home that coveted golden statue.

“When I first met her she was full of life and brings such a great energy to set,” he added. “When you’re shooting the tough stuff like the themes in the ‘Hunger Games’, it can be a little dark and she’s got that great energy about her and she’s still that way.”


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