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Lily Collins mentions Jennifer again!

It looks like Lily Collins, who stars in upcoming The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, is huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence – just like us! She mentioned her in magazine interviews twice: in Glamour and recently in Seventeen Magazine. Here’s what she said about Jennifer and Kristen Stewart:

“I admire how they’ve both handled the fame that came with those roles and their ability to step outside those roles and do other projects,” she says in the September 2013 issue of?Seventeen?magazine. “That’s what I want to do balance fun big movies with gritty passion projects I love.”

Shailene Woodley: ‘Jennifer Lawrence Gave Me Beautiful Advice For ‘Divergent’ Role’

Shailene Woodley?made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend for the film?Divergent. Based on the book by Veronica Roth, the film is set in a future society where people are divided into groups based on five single traits.

In a press conference at Comic-Con, Woodley spoke with Vanity Fair?about vying for a role in the?Hunger Games?series, and the advice she got from the star who ultimately won that role,?Jennifer Lawrence.

?I did audition for?Hunger Games?back in the day and Jen Lawrence actually helped me with ‘Divergent’,? Woodley said. ?I still have yet to meet her but I asked her about her experience with ‘Hunger Games’?and how her life has changed, going from small independent movies to something as big as ‘Hunger Games’. She gave me really beautiful advice, just saying how much she appreciated it, and how much it?s changed her life in positive ways. She really helped me on this journey initially.?

Among the charming Oscar winner?s words of wisdom:

?It will be the best thing that ever happened. But don?t be an idiot, do a sex tape, or do drugs. And go to Whole Foods when your movie opens.?

When we mentioned that joining the Hunger Games franchise seemed to work out for Lawrence, or at least not hold her back?she won her first Academy Award earlier this year, for Silver Linings Playbook?Woodley voiced her admiration for the star and potential role model:

?She?s a badass. She?s amazing.?

Divergent is called ‘next Hunger Games‘ and Shailene is called ‘next Jennifer Lawrence’. What do you think about it? Are you fan of Divergent Trilogy or Shailene? What do you think about comparing her to Jennifer?

SOURCE:?Vanity Fair

Lily Collins: ‘Jennifer Lawrence is a really awesome friend’

Jennifer Lawrence & Lily CollinsLily Collins has opened up about her friendship with The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

Lily revealed to Glamour that it was inspiring for her to see Lawrence win the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.

“She’s a friend; she’s awesome,” the actress commented. “The choices Jennifer has made have been really interesting.”

She then joked: “I loved how she carried herself after her trip [going up on stage] at the Oscars. I was like, ‘You go, girl!'”


Channing Tatum: “I Want to Be the Male Jennifer Lawrence”

Turns out, Channing Tatum is just like us. Why? He loves Jennifer Lawrence.

“I wouldn’t mind being the male Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s incredibly cool,” the White House Down star says in the upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan.

Welcome to the family, Channing!


Jessica Chastain on Jennifer Lawrence: “I’ve told her how beautiful her film work is.”

Jessica Chastain is setting the record straight. The rumors seem to have emanated from a posting last Friday on the gossip website ShowbizSpy that was entitled, “Jessica Chastain Hates Jennifer Lawrence.” In the article an unnamed source claimed the Zero Dark Thirty star was “furious” about Lawrence’s recent Saturday Night Live appearance.

During Jennifer’s opening monologue, she joked about her awards show competition, saying, “Jessica Chastain? More like Jessica Chast-ain’t winning an Oscar on my watch. In Zero Dark Thirty you caught Bin Laden. So what? In Winter’s Bone I caught a squirrel — and then I ate it. Boom! Deal with that.”

… But it seems that miss Chastain is a Jennifer’s fan. :-) In a Facebook post published Sunday, Feb. 10, Jessica wrote:

I find it very sad that media makes up bogus stories about women fighting in this industry. (…) Why do we support the myth that women are competitive and cannot get along? (…) I think all of the actresses recognized this year have given incredible performances. But more important, they’ve all shown themselves to be filled with generosity and kindness. I’ve done two photo shoots with Jennifer Lawrence over the years and have found her to be utterly charming and a great talent. I’ve told her how beautiful her film work is.

Jessica ended adding:

Please don’t allow the media to perpetuate the myth that women aren’t supportive of each other. Every time an actress is celebrated for her great work, I cheer.

Such a sweetheart, that’s very kind of her, I love her.