Lenny Kravitz talks Jennifer Lawrence!

CNN has done an interview with Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer’s co-star in upcoming The Hunger Games movie. During the interview, Kravitz talks about Cinna – the character he plays, novel written by Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence. Read what he said on Jen :)

CNN: Have you met Jennifer Lawrence?
Kravitz: Yes, I know her actually because she did ?X-Men: First Class? with my daughter, [Zo? Kravitz], so she spent a lot of time in my house in Paris when they were filming in London. That was another thing about casting me: [Ross] said, I heard that Jennifer was in your house all summer and that you were taking care of the kids and they were cooking. I had the whole cast, like six, seven kids in my house on the movie so I got to know all of them before I had even seen them in action. So Jennifer and I ended up becoming friendly. She?s really sweet. And then I saw her in ?Winter?s Bone? and I was like, ?Oh, wow. This girl is for real.?

Awwww, I like that guy!