MTV’s exclusive video interviews: ‘Hunger Games’ cast answers your questions!

MTV prepared such a big suprise for us! All month long, starting today, Jennifer, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson will be answering questions that you had asked on Twitter! It means that every Thursday in January we can expect another part of the interview with the cast! How awesome is that? :) Unfortunately, the videos aren’t available outside US, but I’ll let you know as soon as they appear on!

/ I’ve replaced old videos, for the new ones I’d like to thank :) /

@jjusan: I’ve heard a lot about pranking on the set… tell us one of the things that happened!

Josh Hutcherson: They had a full life-sized dummy of one of our tributes that had gotten killed by a Tracker Jacker, and basically it’s all swollen and gnarly-looking and mangled, and Jennifer was out of her trailer so I took the dummy and put it inside her bathroom in her trailer. I wasn’t there for the big moment when she saw it, which I can’t believe I missed, but I’ve been told that she actually peed her pants in reaction to it. So, I was pretty proud of myself and amazed that someone actually peed their pants in fear, because I didn’t know that happened.

Jennifer Lawrence: Pranks. Oh yeah, Josh, he took the dummy from one of the tributes that dies from the Tracker Jackers’ sting that is completely deformed and put it on my toilet, shut the door and [had it] holding a toilet paper roll, just for added effect. I’m in my trailer and open the bathroom door and scream and my friend grabs me and had to say “It’s fake, it’s fake, it’s fake!” I hate him. I still haven’t gotten him back for that, actually. I don’t know what to do to get him back for something like that. I’d have to find a real dead body.

Liam Hemsworth: Jennifer would often try and make you laugh just before “Action.” She’d say something funny. She’d get you and really surprise you, though, because you’d be rolling up, ready for them to say “Action,” and she’d ask you some silly question about something. You’d hear it and be like, “Wait, what?” And then “Action” and you’d be like “OK. Thanks for that.” It’s funny to her, I guess.

@OttoRivera: Have you met Suzanne Collins?

Lawrence: I have, she’s wonderful. That was, I think, the most nervous I’ve ever been meeting a person because I kept thinking, “What if she doesn’t like me?” But I did meet her, and she’s fantastic.

@eringabin: Did you get any injuries during filming?

Lawrence: Yeah. There was the trees, there was tree climbing, getting scratched up by trees. My back started getting weird, I think from all the running downhill, so I had to go to the chiropractor once a week, which is terrifying . I’ve never been to a chiropractor before and it just feels like they’re going to snap your neck at any moment. There were some ankle and knee [injuries] but you don’t have time to be injured. The look on the producer’s face if I say “ow” is awful, so I tried to just kind of stay quiet about it.

I can’t wait for more!