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Another interview – Jennifer on Katniss: “She?s this unbelievable character that not only beats the game, she changes the entire game”

Below you can read another interview with Jennifer. This time, she told The Ridge Review more about the training and Katniss character. Check it out :)

On training: There was very different training; I?ve never had to learn archery, or agility, or climbing, or anything like that, and I?ve never been part of a film that was so famous before it even began, and that was so weird.

On dangerous stunts: Some of the very dangerous ones, like falling out of a tree and landing on the ground and rolling down mountains and things like that, were all stunt doubles, but I did train in preparation to do all of the stunts and then the day of [filming] we decided what was too risky and what would take too long if I did it.

On popularity: It?s weird, it?s just always kind of felt like my job and just recently it?s kind of exploded so much. In a lot of ways it?s like, ?oh you got promoted?, and no one ever regrets getting a promotion. It?s life changing, and it?s weird.

On Katniss: She?s this unbelievable character that not only beats the game, she changes the entire game. I think she?s a wonderful character to have young girls look up to. I?m just so happy that this character is out there for young girls. I?m happy that her integrity is intact from the books. She?s a character that I look up to and that I love in these books. I?m just happy to be a part of it.

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