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Josh Hutcherson on Jennifer Lawrence and upcoming ?Catching Fire? in “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”

In his recent interview in “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, “The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta Mellark) admits that he is extremally excited about filming “Catching Fire”. During his conversation with Ryan Seacrest he also mentioned his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence and revealed that they haven?t even talked about the opening of “The Hunger Games”. Turn on the following video to find out what he had to say about the film!

Have You Talked To Jennifer [Lawrence] or Liam [Hemsworth] Since The Opening?

Yeah, but we haven?t even talked about the opening. I text with Jennifer about basketball because she?s a Louisville fan and I?m a U.K. fan. The only really conversation we?ve had was about The Final Four at this point. It?s one of those things where we all know what?s up with the movie. So let?s talk about other things.

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