Jennifer leaves ‘Abscam’ night shoot

In case you missed it, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted leaving Abscam movie set on Wednesday evening in Boston. She wore a glamorous gown on set which she covered up with a large overcoat. She even pulled the hood of her coat over her head to keep herself warm late at night. Bradley and Jennifer already showed off their crazy curly hairstyles on set earlier this week, if you’re looking for pictures, they’re available here, here and… here. :-)

Movies (Abscam) ? on the set in Boston, April 3rd [link]

FYI: The movie, which follows a con artist who is trying to turn the tables on a group of mobsters and corrupt politicians, will reportedly hit theaters on Christmas of this year!

According to Boston Globe, when Jen wasn?t busy in front of the camera, she was hanging out with her father, Gary, who?s an extra in the movie. What’s more, Boston Globe reports that Robert De Niro has joined the cast! The 69-year-old actor, who earned an Oscar nomination for his performance in Russell?s ?Silver Linings Playbook,? was apparently supposed to be in the casino scene filmed this week, but had a scheduling conflict and will instead shoot here in May.